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Getting a Divorce in Ohio: What You Need to Know

Posted Date:July 23, 2014 | Categories:

Getting a Divorce in Ohio

Divorce is the legal end to a marriage and it settles issues regarding assets, debt, and child custody. You can get a divorce in the State of Ohio if you or your spouse has been an Ohio resident for at least six months. You or your spouse must also have been a resident of the county you are filing in for at least 90 days. You may file a “complaint” for divorce in the domestic relations division of the local common pleas court.


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Understanding How Military Pension Is Divided in a Divorce

Posted Date:July 18, 2014 | Categories:

How Military Pension Is Divided in a Divorce

In a divorce, money and the children are often the most important issues in question. Military divorces can be especially complicated because military relationships are marked by frequent moves and prolonged deployments. Furthermore, the non-military spouse in a divorce is often unemployed or underemployed, which could make the service member responsible for spousal support after the divorce.

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3 Ways to Terminate a Marriage in Ohio

Posted Date:July 9, 2014 | Categories:

Ways to Terminate a Marriage in Ohio

Marriage is a personal and spiritual relationship, but when you get married, you also enter into a legal contract. If you’re having relationship troubles and your marriage is in question, you might be wondering exactly what your options are when it comes to bringing the marriage to an end. There are three ways to terminate a marriage in Ohio: divorce, dissolution, and legal separation.

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