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What Rights Do I Have as a Grandparent?

Posted Date:March 31, 2016 | Categories:

grandparent right

Answering the question posed in the title is complicated, but allow us to start with the best news: Ohio law grants grandparents rights to adopt grandchildren from unsafe or unhealthy home situations and to retain visitation rights following a divorce or marriage dissolution. Where things become difficult, and where an Ohio child custody lawyer with Edward F. Whipps & Associates can be of assistance, is that both of those rights exist primarily in relation to the grandparents’ relationship with the grandchild’s birth parent. The best interests of the child are also always taken into consideration, and a grandparent is often asked to speak to that.

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What Does a Vocational Expert Do and How Is That Related to Alimony?

Posted Date:March 26, 2016 | Categories:

vocational expert and alimony

Divorce court judges who issue spousal support orders use the disparity between the partners’ current and future earnings as one the most significant factors for calculating alimony payments. Spousal support can also be mediated in a marriage dissolution, but the difference between what one spouse does and could earn and the earnings of the other spouse will still represent a starting point for negotiations.

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Why Should You Hire Paid Legal Consultant?

Posted Date:March 24, 2016

Why hire paid legal consultant

Scheduling a paid legal consultation with an Ohio family law attorney at Edward F. Whipps & Associates is a great way to learn about your legal options, ensure the confidentiality of your conversations with a legal advisor, and get second opinions on information provided by other lawyers. Each situation will be unique, but let’s look at three scenarios in which meeting with a paid family law consultant could prove beneficial.

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Understanding When You Should File for Divorce

Posted Date:March 20, 2016 | Categories:

when your should file for divorce

Only you can decide when a marriage is so broken that the best thing to do is end the relationship. That written, knowing the legal grounds Ohio recognizes for granting a divorce can help you understand if you will be able to have a court approve your request to be free of your spouse. You will also benefit from knowing how to avoid a lengthy court battle if both you and your partner agree that dissolving the marriage makes sense.

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Steps to Take When You Want a Divorce but Your Spouse Doesn’t

Posted Date:March 19, 2016 | Categories:

When you want divorce but your spouse doesnt

Concluding a series of amicable agreements over how to divide property, share child care duties, and provide ongoing financial support following a mutual decision to end a marriage is the goal in each case handled by the Dublin, Ohio, divorce attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates. We know from decades of combined experience, however, that such outcomes are not always possible. Contested divorces initiated by one spouse are common and, often, contentious.

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Situations When You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Posted Date:March 18, 2016

When you hire family law attorney

Regardless of any specific reason you might have for thinking about hiring a family law attorney, you should do so when you require expert, objective advice and representative in legal disputes that involve your spouse, domestic partner, parent, or child. An attorney who can see past the emotional issues raised in disputes over marriage, custody, financial security, and mental fitness will help you identify your options and work toward achieving your best outcomes.

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Current Adoption Procedures in Ohio

Posted Date:March 17, 2016

Adoption procedures

Adoptions in Ohio can take many forms, but each requires going to court and having a probate court sign off on the relationship after determining that the adoption serves the best interest of the adoptee. Consulting with a family law attorney as you work through the adoption process can help ensure you file all the necessary forms with the proper authorities and that you know what to expect in the way of home visits and questions regarding your ability to offer the adoptee the best home and family life.

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How to Receive the Child Support You Deserve

Posted Date:March 15, 2016 | Categories:

Receive Child Support

  Receiving child support following a divorce or breakup requires establishing the need for and amount of the payments, as well as enforcing a court’s order against the noncustodial parent. While reading the following details of establishing and enforcing child support payments, keep in mind that Ohio law allows both men and women to seek support. Also, a person can be ordered to financially support a child until the age of 18 even if he or she never married the custodial parent.

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How Does Divorce Effect My Taxes?

Posted Date:March 14, 2016 | Categories:

How divorce effect taxes


This is one of the most frequent questions the Dublin, Ohio, divorce attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates hear. Specific answers depend on each client’s circumstances, but we are happy to share the following basic information regarding how divorce affects taxes. Knowing generally what to expect will help spouses start planning as soon as possible to avoid financial shocks and hardships.


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Can Family Matters Be Resolved in Court?

Posted Date:March 13, 2016 | Categories:

Family matters resolved in court

The best answer to the question posed in the title is “yes, but.” Many family disputes do go to court, but problems might be better resolved through counseling or alternative dispute resolution (ADR) procedures.

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