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Understanding Divorce Procedures in Ohio

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Completing a divorce in Ohio can require going through numerous court hearings, participating in court-ordered counseling, and engaging in several rounds of negotiation with your soon-to-be ex. These processes play out over the course of at least three months and can be roughly grouped into the steps of filing, cooling off, securing pretrial orders, negotiations and mediation, and trial. Each divorce proceeding follows its own unique course, however, so having advice and representation from a caring and knowledgeable family law attorney can help you achieve your best outcomes at each step.

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Are Only Biological Parents Entitled to Child Support?

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A biological, or birth, parent, probably has the easiest case to make for retaining child custody and receiving child support payments following a divorce, but that is not the only situation that can occur. First, child support can also be requested following a separation, an out-of-wedlock birth, and an adoption.

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Mediation Procedures During a Divorce

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Legal mediation offers a way to settle family law disputes with the help of an expert who facilitates discussions between contending parties. In divorce proceedings, mediation can be used to reach voluntary agreements over the division of property and financial assets, child custody arrangements and visitation schedules, and spousal support/alimony amounts.

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Preparing Your Children for a Divorce

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No matter how necessary and beneficial in the long term, a divorce creates stress and challenges that can only be minimized, never avoided. The end of a marriage can be especially tough on the children, who may blame themselves for their parents’ problems and may respond in unhealthy ways to sudden changes in their family life and living situations.

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Same-Sex Couples and Adoption: The Process

Posted Date:April 6, 2016 | Categories:

Same-Sex Couples and Adoption

Same-sex couples who want to adopt in Ohio must meet all the same legal requirements as heterosexual couples. The adoption lawyers with Edward F. Whipps & Associates detail Ohio adoption procedures here. The most important criteria to keep in mind, and the one that will make all the difference in whether a probate judge places an adoptee with a couple, is whether the new home and family situation is in the best interest of the child.

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