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When You May Need a Second Opinion

Posted Date:March 12, 2016 | Categories:

Need a Second Opinion

If you are mired in a complex divorce litigation, your case can sometimes greatly benefit from a fresh set of eyes, someone looking at the situation from the outside, a family law expert who will analyze your situation from a new direction.

Just like you would get a second opinion before making an important decision regarding your health, it is smart to get a second opinion when you are involved in a divorce. Many of the strategies and outcomes that will result from those strategies can amount to a matter of opinion. A different perspective can unlock different possibilities that had not previously been explored or considered. The new perspective can create a new approach to a situation that had previously appeared to be deadlocked.

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Erik Shuey

Posted Date:July 15, 2015 | Categories:

I scheduled my initial consultation with Ed after using another attorney from a different law firm in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a dissolution. That had left me feeling confused, anxious, and helpless. When I first sat down with Ed, I felt a sense of relief. Ed listened and shared pertinent information that immediately put me at ease. His knowledge and experience was evident. I left his office feeling a sense of confidence. He shared information about the divorce process and how he and his associates would navigate my case with me. Knowing I was not alone and had a solid team of legal professionals advocating for me was a wonderful feeling.

It was obvious that Ed was a seasoned professional who had all the knowledge and tools to get me through an experience that was completely foreign to me. My biggest fear was losing my daughter. Ed communicated to me the laws and his experience with parenting time. My worst fears were assuaged.

Ed worked with me to match me with one of his associates, Chelsea Long, who he felt would best match my needs. Chelsea exuded the same confidence and assuredness as Ed had during our initial consultation. Chelsea went above and beyond what I would ever have expected. In fact, I didn’t feel like a client. Chelsea took the time to get to know me and my daughter. She was in constant contact with me through phone calls, emails, and texts. The personal touch went a long way with me.

Ed’s understanding of psychology was significant in my case. My ex-wife is actually a Psychologist. When I shared my concerns with Ed, he shared his work in the field of psychology. Knowing that Ed had a thorough knowledge of psychology acted as an equalizer for me.

There is absolutely zero chance the divorce would have been settled as quickly as it was without the balanced and calm nature of Chelsea and Ed. They handled my emotions with sensitivity and handled the opposing legal team with a no-nonsense nature that cut through the emotional clutter, getting right to the point of things. I ended up with more than I was offering during the failed dissolution attempt. I kept my home. I received 50/50 parenting. My ex-wife actually owed ME child support, and I kept my pension intact. Chelsea and Ed made sure that I understood my rights and what was within the scope of what I had a right to keep and receive. Without their guidance, my settlement would not have looked nearly as good as it did.

The outcome of my case greatly affected the life of my daughter. She gets to see both her parents an equal amount of time. She is not exposed to silence, resentment, arguing, or any negative aspects of an unhealthy relationship. She gets to still live in the same house where she was born, sleep in the same bedroom, and play with the same neighborhood children. The quality of her life increased exponentially due to the outcome of my case.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

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Having to go through a divorce can be a very stressful and overwhelming process; however, with the right lawyer guiding you along the way, the process can be much more comfortable.  To assist you in selecting the right lawyer for you and your specific case, consider these 5 tips:

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Our New Approach to Blogging

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This month marks a new approach to our Blog and we will be adding new material every week.  Our first blog in June will provide tips on finding the right divorce attorney in Central Ohio.  We will also provide information on uncontested divorces, how to determine business valuations and what you need to know about Spousal Support (formerly called Alimony) when getting divorced.   Every week, we will try to provide you with important information that can give you guidance in family law situations that you may encounter.

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