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Binding Arbitration vs. Mediation

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Binding Arbitration and Mediation Ohio

Mediation and Arbitration are two different processes, but share some similarities.

Binding arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution process in which an impartial third party listens to both sides of the divorce dispute and makes a decision that both parties must abide by.

Mediation, on the other hand, allows the spouses to negotiate with one another directly with the assistance of a mediator. In this instance, the spouses, with the help of the mediator, craft the terms of their divorce together, while the mediator guides that discussion. Unlike a judge or arbiter, the mediator does not have the power to make the agreement legally binding, but helps the couple negotiate with one another to come up with the terms of their divorce.

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E. D.

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Ed was very professional and concise. He was able to give insight on my desired outcome of the case. Many other law firms took messages and drilled me over the phone with ‘screening questions.’ Ed was cordial with a no pressure approach.

I was surprised at how very personalized they were and with their ultra quick communication as well as with Mr. Whipps’ preparedness. I now have peace of mind and closure which is invaluable. My children are secure and confident.

5 Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

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Having to go through a divorce can be a very stressful and overwhelming process; however, with the right lawyer guiding you along the way, the process can be much more comfortable.  To assist you in selecting the right lawyer for you and your specific case, consider these 5 tips:

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Our New Approach to Blogging

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This month marks a new approach to our Blog and we will be adding new material every week.  Our first blog in June will provide tips on finding the right divorce attorney in Central Ohio.  We will also provide information on uncontested divorces, how to determine business valuations and what you need to know about Spousal Support (formerly called Alimony) when getting divorced.   Every week, we will try to provide you with important information that can give you guidance in family law situations that you may encounter.

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