Custody And Visitation

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

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Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) can take many forms, but one widely cited definition from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University is that an alternative dispute resolution is “any means of settling disputes outside of the courtroom.” In family law matters, pursuing an ADR can spare loved ones the time, expense, and emotional hardship of a lengthy court trial. ADRs also usually yields outcomes that all parties to a dispute find more equitable and acceptable.

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Custody and Visitation in Non-Divorce Cases

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The standard judges use when issuing child custody and visitation orders in divorce cases is the best interest of the child. When determining which arrangements meet that standard, the judge considers statements by both parents, reports from court officers who conducted home visits and family interviews, and opinions from experts like social workers and teachers. The custodial relationship that best meets the child’s needs for physical safety, health, education, and opportunities for succeeding later in life is assigned by the judge. Visitation rights are granted to the noncustodial parent based on how time spent with the visiting parent will help the child grow and develop physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

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Preparing Your Children for a Divorce

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No matter how necessary and beneficial in the long term, a divorce creates stress and challenges that can only be minimized, never avoided. The end of a marriage can be especially tough on the children, who may blame themselves for their parents’ problems and may respond in unhealthy ways to sudden changes in their family life and living situations.

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Same-Sex Couples and Adoption: The Process

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Same-Sex Couples and Adoption

Same-sex couples who want to adopt in Ohio must meet all the same legal requirements as heterosexual couples. The adoption lawyers with Edward F. Whipps & Associates detail Ohio adoption procedures here. The most important criteria to keep in mind, and the one that will make all the difference in whether a probate judge places an adoptee with a couple, is whether the new home and family situation is in the best interest of the child.

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What Rights Do I Have as a Grandparent?

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grandparent right

Answering the question posed in the title is complicated, but allow us to start with the best news: Ohio law grants grandparents rights to adopt grandchildren from unsafe or unhealthy home situations and to retain visitation rights following a divorce or marriage dissolution. Where things become difficult, and where an Ohio child custody lawyer with Edward F. Whipps & Associates can be of assistance, is that both of those rights exist primarily in relation to the grandparents’ relationship with the grandchild’s birth parent. The best interests of the child are also always taken into consideration, and a grandparent is often asked to speak to that.

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Child Custody Concerns While Divorcing

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Child Custody Concerns While Divorcing

During a divorce one of the primary concerns must be for the welfare of your children. As you begin divorce proceedings, keeping their well-being in the forefront of your decisions is important to both parents and children.

In recent years there has been a movement to redefine custody from a one-parent custody, and one-parent visitation model, to a shared parenting model. Joint custody, known in Ohio as shared parenting, is when both parents share equal custody, decision-making and parenting responsibilities for the minor children.

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Shared Parenting vs Sole Custody

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Shared Parenting vs Sole Custody

In Ohio, joint custody of your children is known as shared parenting. Shared parenting is when both parents share equally custody, decision-making and parenting responsibilities for the minor children.

The court will review the proposed parenting plan, whether it is submitted jointly or if each spouse submits his or her own version of a parenting plan. A parenting plan is the parenting guidelines that parents agree to or the court orders. The parenting plan can include all the custody agreements and orders, parenting time, child support, tax exemptions, health insurance, and additional cost provisions. If you are divorcing and have children, you must have a parenting plan. The final custody decision will be made when the divorce decree is final.

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How Do I Establish Child Support

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Establish Child Support

Both parents are responsible for the continued support of their child or children, regardless of their marital status or situation. Ohio has set guidelines to help determine the appropriate amount of support considering a number of elements.  Ohio Revised Code lists the guidelines by income and number of children.  There is also a worksheet included in the law, which might be of use to you as you calculate how much child support might be.

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Most Common Adoption Myths

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Adoption Myths Ohio

If you’re interested in adopting, you might also be interested in getting some of the facts and dispelling some of the myths around adoption.

Myth: An international adoption is faster and easier than getting a child from within the United States.

Fact:  According to Adopt US Kids, in 2011, “51,000 children were adopted through U.S. foster care while only 9,320 children were adopted by U.S. citizens, from all international sources combined.” New U.S. regulations make foreign adoptions more difficult for U.S. citizens. For a good information resource on foreign adoption, visit the U.S. State Department’s Intercountry Adoption website. These new regulations are intended to protect both children and birth parents and aim to encourage in-country adoptions where countries have traditionally sent their children abroad for adoption. In terms of the cost factor, most U.S. foster care adoptions are free and any minimal charges are reimbursable, while international adoptions can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and often take longer to complete.

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Adoption Procedures in Ohio

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Ohio Adoption Procedures

Adopting a child can be the most rewarding and beautiful gift you give your family and the child you adopt. This is a very big decision, and here are a few of the procedures you should be prepared for in going through the legal adoption process in Ohio

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