Divorce and Dissolution

Tips on Preparing For Military Divorce

Posted Date:January 4, 2016 | Categories:

Columbus Military Divorce
  1. Prepare yourself with the facts. First and foremost, try to separate yourself from the sheer emotion of the ending of your relationship and separate myth from fact. For example, unless your marriage lasts for the entire military career, the non-military member is not automatically entitled to half of the military member’s pension. The “marital share” of the retirement is portion of retirement that was acquired during the marriage and while in military service. The time clock starts with the wedding or the beginning of military service, whichever is later. Then the clock stops on the date of separation or divorce.

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Should I Get a Second Opinion from Another Attorney?

Posted Date:December 26, 2015 | Categories:

Second Opinion Family Law Attorney

If you feel as though your case could benefit from a second opinion, by all means, seek a second opinion from another attorney. But there are a few things you should be prepared with when seeking a second attorney opinion. If you seek a second opinion in a medical matter, you would naturally need to have your records and information available to the second physician in order for him or her to make an informed diagnosis. The same is true in an attorney second opinion. You will need to bring with you a complete copy of your file.  In addition you should prepare a chronology of your legal matter, and finally a list of your concerns that brought you to seek a second opinion.

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Tips to Prepare For Divorce Proceedings

Posted Date:December 22, 2015 | Categories:

Divorce Proceedings Ohio
  1. Be sure to choose an attorney who has a range of resources at his or her disposal to help you through the entire divorce process. This includes forensic accountants, psychologists, mediators, arbitrators, and private judges.
  1. If you have children, helping them through the divorce is of primary importance. There are many resources available to help explain what is happening in a way that does not end up damaging your children. Please do not manipulate your children or use them as tools against your soon-to-be ex. Let them keep their innocence as much as possible through this process.

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Why Should You Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Posted Date:November 11, 2015 | Categories:

Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous, and they are not an indication that you expect to get divorced before you and your future partner are even married. Prenuptial agreements are a financial document that essentially says, “here’s what I brought to the marriage as my separate property and separate debt.” The prenuptial agreement can also delineate what is mutual property, and clarify special agreements between you.

If you, or your intended partner, have significant retirements funds, real estate investments or ownership, or family inheritance, you should have a prenuptial agreement in place. Also, if either of you have children from a previous marriage or children you are responsible to provide support for, it is important that an up front understanding of how those children are to be cared for financially be clear as you enter the marriage.

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Divorcing and Adopting at the Same Time

Posted Date:October 27, 2015 | Categories:

Divorcing and Adopting

There are circumstances in which you may need to adopt your former spouse’s child or children while you are in the process of divorce.

Adopting a child while going through a divorce, especially when adopting your ex-spouse’s can be emotionally complex. Your primary concern is for the welfare of the children; therefore adopting the children is a fine and noble action, and one that can enhance their futures. There is no bar to adopting a child or children as a divorced or single individual. According to the adoption guide provided by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (located here) “There are many kinds of adoptive families. The most important requirement for adoption is that the family must be able to provide a loving, stable and secure family for a growing child. Adoptive parents:

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What is the Fastest Way for the Divorce Procedures to be Over?

Posted Date:October 23, 2015 | Categories:

Divorce Procedures Ohio

Rushing to resolution can end up being a short term win at the expense of a long term and possibly lingering loss. It is important to keep a long term perspective in mind as you begin the divorce process and not simply try to “get it over with.” That being said, the way to bring the divorce to resolution is to come to agreement on the various aspects of the divorce.  

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How Does a Divorce Effect Financial Property?

Posted Date:October 13, 2015 | Categories:

How Does a Divorce Effect Financial Property

Ohio is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the court will decide what is an equitable division of the property in the divorce, taking into consideration these factors: the length of the marriage; the work history, earning capacity, and job prospects of each spouse; the physical and mental health of each spouse; the source of particular assets (marital or separate property); and the expenses and needs of the children. Taking these factors into consideration, the court generally interprets “equitable property division” as “equal.” 

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Divorce and Its Effect on Children

Posted Date:October 8, 2015 | Categories:

Divorce and its effect on children

There is no doubt that divorce will impact your children. How negative and potentially detrimental that impact is will rest on you and your spouse’s approach, attitude, and demeanor throughout the process and once the divorce is final. Naturally the reaction of adolescents will differ from that of younger children.

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What Happens if You Reconcile During the Divorce Process?

Posted Date:September 21, 2015 | Categories:

Reconcile During the Divorce Process

Reconciling during the divorce can be a great thing for you and your spouse. Statistics show that: “Those who decide to work through marital issues have numbers on their side when it comes to reconciliation in divorce. Research published by the Institute for American Values indicates that many couples are able to resolve their problems. Two-thirds of adults in unhappy marriages were able to reconcile and indicated happiness after five years,” according to an article in the Global Post.

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Top Ten Questions You Should Ask A Potential Divorce Attorney

Posted Date:September 7, 2015 | Categories:

Question to divorce attorney

Choosing the divorce attorney who is right for you may be one of the most important decisions you make as you take the big step to move on to the next chapter of your life. Do your homework before hiring your divorce attorney. Check each attorney’s qualifications to handle your specific issues – whether it be property or child custody issues.

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