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When You Should Use A Private Judge

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Private Judge Ohio

Using a private judge has been allowed under Ohio statutes for some 40 years, but has gained popularity recently. Using a private judge in your divorce case can have many advantages. First and foremost, it speeds the dissolution and finalizes the divorce more quickly than going through the public court system, which is generally overburdened. If you use a private judge, you are not at the mercy of the public court dockets and can finalize the divorce more quickly.

Ohio state law allows any retired judge to serve as a private judge. This option is frequently used where there is an uncontested divorce. To get to the point of “uncontested divorce,” the first step is to use an arbitrator to work out the terms of the divorce between you and your spouse.

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How is Marital Property Divided?

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Marital Property

We should first begin this short article exploring what marital property is. Marital property is all the property acquired during a marriage. The marriage is considered to reach from the time of the marriage ceremony to the date of the divorce.

Types of marital property could include all real and personal property owned by either or both spouses. This property was acquired by either or both spouses during the marriage, and includes any retirement benefits either or both spouses accrued during the marriage. Marital property could also include any portion of real or personal property (anything from stocks and bonds, to company shares, to timeshares in Florida) that either or both spouses acquired during the marriage.  Marital property can also include the income and appreciation on either spouse’s separate property as a result of the labor, financial backing, or in-kind contribution of either or both spouses. And finally, marital property also includes any state or municipal deferred compensation plans earned as a public employee.

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How to Protect Your Retirement Benefits During a Divorce

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Retirement Benefits During a Divorce

As emotionally difficult as divorce is, working to keep it from negatively impacting your retirement should be a key focus during the process.  There are many different situations in which divorcing couples may find themselves. After emotional issues, financial issues are some of the most challenging in divorce. 

Here are a few things you should know about retirement funds and divorce. If you and your spouse have been married to one another for at least 10 years, you may be entitled to half of your spouse’s Social Security benefits. If you have earned your own benefits you may claim either your benefits or half of your spouse’s, but not both. In addition, remarrying after the divorce disqualifies your from claiming your ex-spouse’s Social Security.

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How a Narcisstic Personality Disorder Can Affect Child Custody

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Compulsive Personality Disorder

Adding a narcissistic personality disorder to the emotional trauma of divorce can be a recipe for a contentious custody battle.  Often psychological issues become exacerbated inside of divorce, but the narcissist can be particularly adept at manipulating emotions and circumstances to his or her advantage.

Mayo Clinic, quoting the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association, lists the symptoms narcissistic personality disorder as:

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John Fraim

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I got to know Ed and Jessica well and was very pleased with their representation and especially Ed’s understanding of psychology which was a very important benefit to having him as my attorney. I would highly recommend Edward F. Whipps & Associates.

Nick Basenback

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My initial consultation with Chelsea was very comfortable. The staff was super nice and always helpful. Chelsea was very professional but also very personable. She was well organized, very attentive and very focused on my best interest. She was with me every step of the way. Being well informed about my case really helped it not seem so stressful.

The services of Edward F. Whipps & Associates were by far the most professional and came from the most driven attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with. There are HUGE differences in attorneys “going through the motions” and attorneys who are passionate about what they do. Chelsea is clearly one of the passionate attorneys. I can’t thank her enough for the hard work and diligence she committed in making sure she did everything for me and my kids.

The outcome of my case has been one of the biggest impacts on my and my children’s lives. Getting custody of my children was the most important aspect of the divorce proceeding and being able to provide the sense of security and stability for my children is an incredible feeling.

The services of Edward F. Whipps & Associates made me feel welcome and like they were family looking out for me … yes, they were that good. My experience was exceptional. They really put you first. A+


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My initial consultation was really good. I was pleasantly surprised how smooth everything went. Chelsea was very reassuring.

I knew where the case was standing at all times. I felt like I was important to them. My overall experience was excellent. I would refer this firm in a heartbeat.

The Effects of Obsessive/Compulsive Personality Disorder on Divorce

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There are many psychological complexities generally involved in divorce, but when an emotionally impaired person experiences a distressing event such as divorce, it can trigger even more negative responses from that individual, especially if they deal with obsessive/compulsive personality disorder. The result can be a high-conflict divorce, which could in turn escalate costs in terms of both time and money as well as deepening psychological issues.

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Do I Need an Attorney During Divorce Mediation?

Posted Date:June 23, 2015 | Categories:

Divorce mediation attorney

Divorce mediation can help divorcing spouses negotiate a divorce agreement with the help of the neutral third party, the mediator. The mediator does not make decisions for the spouses, but helps them negotiate an agreement.

While hiring a mediator to work out details of your divorce may be immensely helpful, and in the long run can be less costly than a court battle, both emotionally and financially, it is wise to have an attorney on your side that has your best interests in mind throughout this process. Your attorney can review draft settlement agreements to assure your future is protected and consult with you throughout the process.

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When to Hire a Vocational Expert in Divorce Proceedings

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Vocational Expert in Divorce

Vocational experts evaluate a person’s education, abilities, interests, experience and other qualifications and look at that in light of the current employment market. They assess the likelihood that a person can get a job, and what s/he can expect to earn, both immediately and long term. Employability assessments can help determine the amount of support a spouse can contribute, the degree to which a spouse is entitled to support, and whether a spouse is capable of contributing to his or her own support and support of the children.

If you’re involved in an acrimonious divorce, both sides want to be sure that the conclusions reached regarding support and contribution to support is fair and reasonable.  If your spouse’s attorney requests a vocational analysis, it would be wise to hire your own expert to conduct an analysis as well. Even if your spouse’s attorney has not hired a vocational expert, you may want to employ one to be sure the financial arrangements, such as spousal and child support, are equitable.

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