Divorcing and Adopting at the Same Time

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Divorcing and Adopting

There are circumstances in which you may need to adopt your former spouse’s child or children while you are in the process of divorce.

Adopting a child while going through a divorce, especially when adopting your ex-spouse’s can be emotionally complex. Your primary concern is for the welfare of the children; therefore adopting the children is a fine and noble action, and one that can enhance their futures. There is no bar to adopting a child or children as a divorced or single individual. According to the adoption guide provided by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (located here) “There are many kinds of adoptive families. The most important requirement for adoption is that the family must be able to provide a loving, stable and secure family for a growing child. Adoptive parents:

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Most Common Adoption Myths

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Adoption Myths Ohio

If you’re interested in adopting, you might also be interested in getting some of the facts and dispelling some of the myths around adoption.

Myth: An international adoption is faster and easier than getting a child from within the United States.

Fact:  According to Adopt US Kids, in 2011, “51,000 children were adopted through U.S. foster care while only 9,320 children were adopted by U.S. citizens, from all international sources combined.” New U.S. regulations make foreign adoptions more difficult for U.S. citizens. For a good information resource on foreign adoption, visit the U.S. State Department’s Intercountry Adoption website. These new regulations are intended to protect both children and birth parents and aim to encourage in-country adoptions where countries have traditionally sent their children abroad for adoption. In terms of the cost factor, most U.S. foster care adoptions are free and any minimal charges are reimbursable, while international adoptions can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and often take longer to complete.

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What is the Fastest Way for the Divorce Procedures to be Over?

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Divorce Procedures Ohio

Rushing to resolution can end up being a short term win at the expense of a long term and possibly lingering loss. It is important to keep a long term perspective in mind as you begin the divorce process and not simply try to “get it over with.” That being said, the way to bring the divorce to resolution is to come to agreement on the various aspects of the divorce.  

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Will Going to Couples Therapy Help Prevent Divorce?

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Couples Therapy in Ohio

The short answer to “will going to couples therapy help prevent divorce” is: it is worth a try!  However, entering counseling before your marriage is deeply distressed generally leads to a better success rate. But one study showed that even for couples in a deeply distressed marriage 48 percent of those couples reported a dramatically improved relationship five years after counseling, while 27 percent were either divorced or separated.

There are certain situations in which counseling has shown limited value. If there is physical or mental abuse, for example, one partner may not want to open up during counseling. An untreated mental illness or addiction issue will also make success from counseling difficult. Also if the problems are too longstanding or deeply ingrained, or if the spouses are not committed to trying to make the marriage work, counseling will likely be of little use.

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Adoption Procedures for Divorced Men and Women

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Adoption Procedures for Divorced Men and Women

If you are ready to open your heart and your home to a child, but you are divorced, that won’t impede you from being able to adopt a child, or children. Of course single parenting has its own challenges, but those challenges are not insurmountable and are met by many single parents every day.

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What are Signs of an Impending Divorce?

Posted Date:October 13, 2015

Here are a few of the warning signs that divorce may be imminent. If you and your spouse are experiencing several of these signs, you should consider marriage counseling. 

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How Does a Divorce Effect Financial Property?

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How Does a Divorce Effect Financial Property

Ohio is an equitable distribution state, meaning that the court will decide what is an equitable division of the property in the divorce, taking into consideration these factors: the length of the marriage; the work history, earning capacity, and job prospects of each spouse; the physical and mental health of each spouse; the source of particular assets (marital or separate property); and the expenses and needs of the children. Taking these factors into consideration, the court generally interprets “equitable property division” as “equal.” 

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I Want a Divorce but my Spouse is Mentally Ill, How Should I Proceed?

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Mental Illness Divorce

Mental illness recognizably has an impact on a marriage. However, in the State of Ohio insanity, serious mental illness, or drug abuse are not grounds – or reasons – for divorce.  That being said, Ohio is a “no fault” divorce state, and grounds for divorce may be cited as “incompatibility.” 

Mental illness will influence issues such as visitation and custody. The court’s primary concern in custody and visitation issues is the best interests of the child or children. Mental health issues will not necessarily disqualify a parent from visitation or even custody. There is, of course, the chance that the parent could receive treatment or the condition may be mitigated by medication.

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Divorce and Its Effect on Children

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Divorce and its effect on children

There is no doubt that divorce will impact your children. How negative and potentially detrimental that impact is will rest on you and your spouse’s approach, attitude, and demeanor throughout the process and once the divorce is final. Naturally the reaction of adolescents will differ from that of younger children.

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What Happens if You Reconcile During the Divorce Process?

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Reconcile During the Divorce Process

Reconciling during the divorce can be a great thing for you and your spouse. Statistics show that: “Those who decide to work through marital issues have numbers on their side when it comes to reconciliation in divorce. Research published by the Institute for American Values indicates that many couples are able to resolve their problems. Two-thirds of adults in unhappy marriages were able to reconcile and indicated happiness after five years,” according to an article in the Global Post.

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