Columbus Uncontested Divorce and Dissolution Attorneys

When circumstances lead a couple to the conclusion that they need to separate their lives and to resolve all of the issues related to doing so, they can work cooperatively with each other in an effort to end their marriage either through a Dissolution or through an uncontested Divorce.

Both parties are entitled to have their own attorney; however, they can sometimes work out their issues and proceed with only one technically being represented.  In such situations, they must both sign a representation agreement acknowledging that they each understand and agree that the attorney can and does only represent one of them. 

Difference Between Dissolution and Divorce

The difference between Dissolution and a Divorce is simply that in Dissolution, neither party need prove grounds for a Divorce.  Rather, they both must simply testify that they each fully understand their agreement, that they each signed the agreement voluntarily, and that they both wish for the court to incorporate their agreement into their Dissolution Decree.  In an uncontested divorce, grounds must be established; however, if the couple acknowledges that they are now incompatible in their marital relationship, no other ground is needed.

A Dissolution or uncontested Divorce is often the most respectful and inexpensive way for a couple to terminate their marriage.  It is, however, essential that they reach agreement, often with the help of an experienced attorney, on all issues including:

  1. child custody issues including a parenting time schedule and child support
  2. the division of their property and the allocation of their debt, and
  3. the matter of spousal support if applicable.

When agreement is reached on all of these matters, the terms are written into a Separation Agreement which is then filed with the court with a Petition for Dissolution.  Both parties must appear in court to testify as to their agreement on all matters and the court can then grant them Dissolution.  If one of the parties is out of town or otherwise unavailable to attend court, an agreed Divorce Decree can be prepared and signed by both parties so that only one of them need be present at court for the final hearing.

Central Ohio Dissolution Attorneys and Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

The dissolution attorneys and uncontested divorce lawyers at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have over 30 years of experience in helping to find amicable ways for couples to reach agreement on all of the related issues.  We invite you to call our Columbus office at (614) 461-6006 or our Dublin office at (614) 461-6007 to arrange a confidential initial consultation at a mutually convenient time.