How Long Does it Take to Finalize a Divorce in Ohio?

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Divorce in Ohio

The unequivocal answer to “how long does it take to finalize a divorce in Ohio,” is it depends. And what it depends upon is the story of how long it will take to finalize the divorce. One thing is certain, no divorce will be finalized until all the issues – property, debt, child custody, child support and spousal support – have been resolved. For planning purposes, you can expect that it will be several months to more than a year before the divorce is final.

Generally there are three manners in which you can terminate your marriage – dissolution, contested divorce or uncontested divorce.

Dissolution is when both of you agree completely on every aspect – from child custody and support to property division. And that agreement has been worked out in advance of any court involvement. Then 30 to 90 days after filing the dissolution petition a final hearing is scheduled, the judge signs the order and the clerk files the order of divorce. Keep in mind that in the case of dissolution, the real variable is how long it takes to come to complete agreement between you and your spouse.

Contested divorce is probably the most common form of divorce. The length of time it takes to finalize the divorce depends, to a large degree, on how long it takes to come to agreement in negotiating the terms of the divorce. A contested divorce will take a year or more to finalize, depending on what is being contested and whether or not there are children involved. A contested divorce could mean several pre-trial hearings if the parties are not able to come to agreement on financial and custody issues.

Uncontested divorce is when both parties agree to divorce. Depending on the docket scheduling, these cases can move fairly quickly. If children are involved, there will be at least one pre-trial hearing prior to the divorce being finalized.

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