Meeting Your Divorce Attorney For the First Time

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Meeting With Divorce Attorney

It is important to get the very most out of the first meeting with your divorce attorney, so preparing for the meeting should be a top priority for you. Your individual circumstances will dictate, to a large degree, how to prepare for this first meeting. For instance, a client in a domestic violence situation will have vastly different needs from a client who is seeking a collaborative divorce process.

With this said, there are a few basics that everyone seeking a divorce can come to that first meeting prepared to provide, in terms of information, and questions to ask your attorney. This first meeting is the time to start building your collaborative relationship with your attorney. The better prepared you are at this first meeting will result in keeping costs down and facilitating the overall process.

  1. Write a brief biography of your marriage. Start with the basic information for you and your spouse – names, addresses, social security numbers, date of birth, phone numbers, employment information, children’s names, dates of birth, and sex. Then write a narrative about your marriage, laying out for your attorney why you think the divorce is needed, and try to step back from the emotion as much as possible, difficult as that is to do. Help your attorney understand the circumstances you are dealing with in a factual way. Describe your married life together, and your life with your children, the strengths and weaknesses of both you and your spouse, and what you think the issues of the divorce will be. Also include what your desired outcomes are for this action – how much child support, spousal support and what the division of property looks like for you.
  1. Compile your financial information. This should include all assets and liabilities or debts. Your list of assets could include any liquid assets such as cash or savings accounts, retirement accounts, property, stock accounts, cars and real estate. Your list of liabilities could include credit card debt, mortgages, any loans, or any other debt. Also include in your financial information your most recent pay stub and your spouse’s most recent pay stub, two years of tax returns and a list of your monthly living expenses.

Your attorney will help you understand the process you are entering into, and what you should expect in terms of issues surrounding the custody and support of the children, spousal support and division of assets.

Do You Need an Ohio Divorce Attorney?

At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, our divorce attorneys understand the challenges involved in divorce and place a priority getting you through the legal complexities of this difficult time in the best way possible. The assistance of a divorce attorney who has a wealth of experience and resources to call upon in serving your needs as a client at this challenging and trying time is essential in the divorce process.