Situations When You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Date Posted:March 10, 2016 | Categories:

Family lawyers Dublin

 Regardless of any specific reason you might have for thinking about hiring a family law attorney, you should do so when you require expert, objective advice and representative in legal disputes that involve your spouse, domestic partner, parent, or child. An attorney who can see past the emotional issues raised in disputes over marriage, custody, financial security, and mental fitness will help you identify your options and work toward achieving your best outcomes.

The types of cases a dedicated Dublin, Ohio family attorney with Edward F. Whipps & Associates can assist you with include

  • Adoption—Complying with Ohio adoption laws may be just one of your concerns. Any effort to take in a child from another state or country will greatly increase burdens related to filing paperwork, clearing health requirements, proving financial resources and household stability, and securing a birth certificate, Social Security number and passport.
  • Child Custody—Determining who will serve as the custodial parent following a divorce often proves contentious. Collecting and presenting evidence for which household will best meet a child’s needs for physical security, emotional support, and educational opportunities can require months of investigation and high-pressure court hearings.
  • Child and Spousal Support—Whether you need to enforce a court order to collect payments or to plead insolvency while showing willingness to meet obligations, consulting with a family law attorney will help you make your case.
  • Child Visitation—If your former spouse refuses to allow court-approved visits, you can file a civil lawsuit to enforce the contract.
  • Dissolution of a Civil Partnership—Breaking up a long-term heterosexual or same-sex partnership can present many of the same legal challenges as seeking a divorce, especially when a couple has children, share a house, and have built assets such as a business or substantial investments.
  • Divorce—Dissolving a marriage contract can be the root of most of the other legal problems listed here. An honest and dedicated family law attorney makes his or her top priority reaching an amicable, equitable, and healthy conclusion to a divorce proceeding that satisfies both spouses and serves children well.
  • Legal Separation—While final distributions of property and fully settled custody arrangements do not emerge from legal separations, legal work is needed to ensure that it is clear which spouse remains in the family home and which parent has principal responsibility for providing child care.
  • Protection Order—Expediting, extending, and enforcing civil protection orders can be easier when working with an experienced family law attorney.
  • Psychological Issues—In addition to ensuring that the proper medical and mental health care providers weigh in on determinations of mental competency, a family law practitioner will make sure that an appropriate family member or caregiver has clear power of attorney for making financial, housing, and medical decisions that affect the person having difficulties.

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