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Steps to Take When You Want a Divorce but Your Spouse Doesn’t

Posted Date:March 19, 2016 | Categories:

When you want divorce but your spouse doesnt

Concluding a series of amicable agreements over how to divide property, share child care duties, and provide ongoing financial support following a mutual decision to end a marriage is the goal in each case handled by the Dublin, Ohio, divorce attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates. We know from decades of combined experience, however, that such outcomes are not always possible. Contested divorces initiated by one spouse are common and, often, contentious.

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How Does Divorce Effect My Taxes?

Posted Date:March 14, 2016 | Categories:

How divorce effect taxes


This is one of the most frequent questions the Dublin, Ohio, divorce attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates hear. Specific answers depend on each client’s circumstances, but we are happy to share the following basic information regarding how divorce affects taxes. Knowing generally what to expect will help spouses start planning as soon as possible to avoid financial shocks and hardships.


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