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Understanding When You Should File for Divorce

Posted Date:March 20, 2016 | Categories:

when your should file for divorce

Only you can decide when a marriage is so broken that the best thing to do is end the relationship. That written, knowing the legal grounds Ohio recognizes for granting a divorce can help you understand if you will be able to have a court approve your request to be free of your spouse. You will also benefit from knowing how to avoid a lengthy court battle if both you and your partner agree that dissolving the marriage makes sense.

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Current Adoption Procedures in Ohio

Posted Date:March 17, 2016

Adoption procedures

Adoptions in Ohio can take many forms, but each requires going to court and having a probate court sign off on the relationship after determining that the adoption serves the best interest of the adoptee. Consulting with a family law attorney as you work through the adoption process can help ensure you file all the necessary forms with the proper authorities and that you know what to expect in the way of home visits and questions regarding your ability to offer the adoptee the best home and family life.

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How to Receive the Child Support You Deserve

Posted Date:March 15, 2016 | Categories:

Receive Child Support

  Receiving child support following a divorce or breakup requires establishing the need for and amount of the payments, as well as enforcing a court’s order against the noncustodial parent. While reading the following details of establishing and enforcing child support payments, keep in mind that Ohio law allows both men and women to seek support. Also, a person can be ordered to financially support a child until the age of 18 even if he or she never married the custodial parent.

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Why Would a Couple Want a Legal Separation?

Posted Date:October 28, 2014 | Categories:

Legal Separation Lawyer

Under Ohio law, spouses wishing to divorce have multiple options available: divorce, dissolution, and legal separation.  It is important to consider the psychological ramifications of each option, and understand that finding the right family law attorney in Columbus, Ohio will help you find the match that is right for your situation.   Legal separation is the least drastic option, and many find that this solution will fit their needs. 

Legal separation is when the two spouses decide that it is best for them to live apart, but still remain married.  During this time, neither spouse can remarry.  It is important to commit the legal separation to writing so that the rights of each spouse are protected.  In addition to the protected rights, the legal separation serves as a trial period should the couple decide on divorce, and it protects financial interests of both parties. 

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