Why Should You Hire Paid Legal Consultant?

Date Posted:March 24, 2016

Why hire paid legal consultant

Scheduling a paid legal consultation with an Ohio family law attorney at Edward F. Whipps & Associates is a great way to learn about your legal options, ensure the confidentiality of your conversations with a legal advisor, and get second opinions on information provided by other lawyers. Each situation will be unique, but let’s look at three scenarios in which meeting with a paid family law consultant could prove beneficial.

 Exploring Options

 Ohio law lists specific grounds for filing a divorce petition. While both spouses can agree to dissolve their marriage at any time, a wife or husband who seeks a divorce on their own must show a cause like abandonment or infidelity. Discussing the history of problems in one’s marriage with an experienced and empathetic divorce attorney will allow you to quickly understand if you have a good legal argument for filing for divorce. If a cause cannot be easily identified, your legal advisor can also discuss strategies for exploring the topic of ending your marriage with your spouse.

 You may also find it helpful to meet with a family law attorney before filing any court paperwork if you are looking to set or change child support payments, modify child custody or visitation orders, or end a same-sex marriage. Knowing upfront what kind of legal solution is possible, and how best to achieve that outcome, can prevent false starts and, worse, loses in court from incorrectly filed petitions.


 Reaching a mutually acceptable conclusion to family law cases from adoption to spousal support requires entering into negotiations with the other party. All communications with a mediator or an attorney that occur outside a courtroom are privileged, but that guarantee of confidentiality cannot always apply when you are sitting across a table from the other person most interested in learning what you discuss with your lawyer. Asking a paid legal consultant all the questions you would not feel comfortable asking in other settings ensures your privacy will be protected and that you will receive answers from a neutral third party. If you are involved in a particularly tough case, you may even want to set up an ongoing consultation.

 Second Opinions

 Related to both exploring options and ensuring confidentiality, a family law practitioner who acts as a paid legal consultant can help you decide whether you are being adequately represented by your current lawyer, if you are receiving fair settlement offers, or if you are getting straight answers from the other party to your case. Seeking a second opinion is not only your right, it is often necessary. Disputes involving family members are usually complicated and almost always emotional. Knowing who and what you can trust can be difficult if you do not have someone you can consult who will focus only on the facts, the law, and your best interests.

 Family law attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates are happy to provide paid legal consultations. To ask about our services as advisers or to schedule an appointment, call (614) 461-6006 or let us know online what you require.