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At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, our attorneys prioritize children in all family law matters. Our goal is to minimize any impact from a divorce, dissolution, or custody case on the children involved. Our motto is always, “Children Matter Most!” 

Good parents always seek to provide the best possible outcome for their children, which includes considering the children’s needs and wishes. Parents facing a divorce, dissolution, or custody dispute should find a family law attorney who offers solutions personalized for each individual family. At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience in handling all aspect of family law cases and are especially well-equipped to assist clients with custody issues.

Parents are frequently confronted with emotional and deeply personal issues when a divorce or dissolution is looming.  Unfortunately the children are often experiencing their own serious and traumatic reactions, as well. These reactions manifest themselves in various ways, sometimes observable during the legal process, but other times not apparent until much later.  Our attorneys understand how difficult divorce can be on you, but we can help you focus on the needs of your children.

Our Columbus child custody attorneys fully understand how to analyze your particular situation and to weigh the pros and cons of shared parenting or sole custody.  While family law courts generally prefer to grant joint custody, multiple factors influence the final custody decision.

Calling upon our considerable experience, the child custody attorneys of Edward F. Whipps & Associates will find and advocate for the most suitable parenting time strategies based on your children’s needs.  Children of different ages will need different parenting time strategies, and we will make recommendations accordingly.

We also understand personality disorders and other psychological disorders, plus how they can affect a child custody decision. When necessary, we can also obtain appropriate psychological evaluations for the parents, children, or both.

Ideally, both parties will agree on a custody arrangement. Details include where the children will live, who will make the parenting decisions, and the holiday schedule, among others. When both parents cannot come to a consensus on child custody, the family law court will make a decision for you. Factors affecting the court decision include which parent has been the primary caregiver, the parents’ work schedules, and more.

If you and your family are facing child custody and parenting time issues, you can rely on Edward F. Whipps & Associates to help you and your children transition to a happy and positive future. This is truly a law firm where Children Matter Most.

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