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Child support is an issue that can often cause conflict between parents.  It is important to try to remember child support is for the benefit of your child, to assure your child’s needs are adequately met.  Keeping the focus on your child can help in establishing child support without added stress.

There are several factors that should be considered to determine if deviations from child support are appropriate.  Deviations can be upward or downward, resulting in an increased or decreased amount of support, depending on the particulars of a case.  It is important that you have an attorney well versed in the applicable factors and how they should be presented to the Court to assure a proper child support order is obtained.

Through the years there may be a need to reevaluate child support.  It is important to understand how changes in the circumstances of either the parents or the minor child may require modifying child support.  In some cases this may happen frequently while in other cases there may be no need for change until the time for terminating child support arrives.  Child support typically terminates upon the latter of a child’s 18th birthday or graduation from high school, but not after the child’s 19th birthday, unless, however, there is a need for continuing child support for disabled adult children.

The issues related to child support can be very complex.  We have been helping families with child support issues for over 30 years.  Our focus is always on the needs of the children, as well as on the ability of the parents to provide support. When you need an experienced attorney who is familiar with child support guidelines and with the factors that might result in a deviation from the guideline child support calculations, turn to us for the sound advice and counsel you need.

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