Filing for Divorce

Divorce- the mere mention of the word makes most people cringe. Yet about half of all marriages in America end this way. You would think the often tortuous experience of going through a divorce would make people hesitate to want one, but statistics show this isn’t the case.


Getting a divorce can be as simple as signing some papers if you are fortunate enough not to have had any children in the marriage, had few assets or debt together, and weren’t married for very long. However, there aren’t a large number of people who fall into this category, so divorces are usually very complicated and costly.

Divorce – the “Easy” Way

As mentioned above, if you’re lucky enough to fall into the relatively small category to go through a divorce the “easy” way, here’s how to do so. There are companies like “We the People” who will do all of the leg work required to file for a divorce and will make it as easy and painless as possible. If you aren’t living with your spouse, they will mail the paperwork to him/her for signature.

They may also coordinate with the court system to get the papers filed so you can eventually get a court date. Places like this generally only charge about $500 and from start to finish takes less than six months in most cases for divorces to be finalized.

Divorce – the Not So “Easy” Way

If you are like most people that go through a divorce, it’s not easy. They can be very complicated and costly, not to mention the emotional stress it can take on people. There is more than likely going to be attorneys involved, which is always a rather joyful experience. Some charge astronomical rates which can set people back in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.

Scorned spouses especially don’t want to play nice so one of the first things they’ll do is acquire a good divorce attorney. Attorney’s fees on top of being ordered to pay spousal or child support can financially change a person’s life. If the soon-to-be-ex-spouses can’t agree on anything either, this just drags the process out even longer. This means more time and more money spent for attorney’s fees.

The Process

In most cases, except for the ones who go through a divorce the “easy” way, there are several steps in the process from filing to the finalization of a divorce. After filing for divorce at your local courthouse and acquire a divorce attorney, that’s when the fun starts. In order to find out the facts and each side’s story, attorneys will use something called the process of “discovery.”

You’ll have to give testimony, either written or spoken, about the details of the marriage and why a divorce is being sought. Questions can be very personal and emotions can run high during this process. After this is complete, mediation may be an option. This allows the two parties to basically settle out of court and come to an agreement on their own.

Of course, the key here is both parties have to agree and sometimes soon-to-be-ex’s can barely look at each other, let alone be in a same room and agree to the outcome of their divorce. So, in a lot of cases, after the discovery process, a trial date will be set and a judge will be the final decision maker.


In conclusion, divorces can be time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining. People that may be contemplating a divorce should read articles such as these before they take any steps. Depending on your situation,  a marital counselor may by far cheaper than a divorce attorney.