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Spousal Support: What You Need to Know Before Getting a Divorce

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Spousal Support and Divorce

If you’re getting a divorce in Ohio, you or your spouse may be entitled to spousal support. Spousal support is money paid by one spouse to the other either during or after the divorce process. Spousal support used to be known as alimony. The court awards spousal support to maintain a standard of living that both spouses were accustomed to during the marriage. Either spouse can be ordered by the court to pay spousal support to the other, as it is based on income rather than gender.

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How to Determine Business Valuation in a Divorce

Posted Date:June 24, 2014 | Categories:

Determine Business Valuation in a Divorce

The appraisal of a Business or Professional Practice is a complex matter. To properly determine the overall value of the business, it is essential to gain access to all of the financial records related to the business. Access to the chief operating officer or principal of the business and often to the business’ accountant is often very important. Then selecting an appropriate business or professional practice appraiser is almost always needed.

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What is an Uncontested Divorce?

Posted Date:June 17, 2014 | Categories:

What is an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce cases do not always need to be contested in court.  When an amicable agreement can be reached on all issues, the parties can either arrange for an uncontested divorce or for a dissolution.  The issues that need resolution include, when applicable:

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

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Having to go through a divorce can be a very stressful and overwhelming process; however, with the right lawyer guiding you along the way, the process can be much more comfortable.  To assist you in selecting the right lawyer for you and your specific case, consider these 5 tips:

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