Columbus Ohio Divorce Cost

Getting divorced certainly is not cheap. Aside from the ultimate payout of assets, spousal support and child support, the process itself can be quite costly. Here is a basic rundown of the typical costs involved in getting a divorce.

Court Costs

Every divorce involves some court costs. These are the filing fees that you have to pay to the court when filing certain documents with the court. The main fee that is paid is to file the petition for divorce, which varies by county and state, but can range somewhere between $120 to $300. If certain motions are filed with the court, then there will be a small fee for that as well.

If both parties do not hire attorneys or anyone else, such as an arbitrator, to provide professional assistance in the divorce process, then it is possible that a divorce could cost around $500 to $1,000.00. However, this is a very rare occurrence, except in the most amicable and trusting of divorces where the parties quickly settle the matter and without the assistance of any legal professionals.

Legal Professional Costs

Most people will hire some sort of legal professional to assist them in the divorce process. The most common situation is when both sides hire divorce attorneys to handle their cases. However, sometimes people, in an attempt to keep the cost of their divorces down, will hire an arbitrator who will preside over negotiations for the couple getting divorced.

Arbitrator Costs

The cost of any divorce will largely depend on how contentious the divorce is. As such, a couple who is willing to work together and keep emotions, especially feelings of hurt and anger, out of the equation can get divorced rather inexpensively. On the other hand, couples who allow emotions to run their cases and who fight each other every step of the way will find that they will spend a lot more money on their divorces.

When a divorce is not riddled by a lot of fighting, people are much better able to get through it simply using an arbitrator to mediate their negotiations and to assist in coming to a final settlement. The parties will meet with the arbitrator/mediator at least more than once, but the frequency will depend upon the difficulty the parties are having in coming to a final resolution on all aspects of the divorce.

The more often the parties need to meet with the arbitrator to reach a settlement in their divorce, the more money it will cost them. An arbitrator in a divorce can cost from as low as a couple thousand dollars to upwards of about $10,000.00. The divorce can cost even more if the attempts to use an arbitrator are unsuccessful and the parties must then go out and each hire their own separate attorneys.

Ohio Divorce Attorney Fees

Attorney’s fees are by far the most expensive cost in a divorce, aside from the actual settlement between the parties. Even with hiring an attorney, the cost will vary. If the parties are relatively amicable and work in a cooperative manner to come to a quick resolution of their matter, then the fees should not be very high. A relatively amicable divorce can cost between $5,000 to $10,000 in attorney’s fees, possibly a little more if there are child custody issues to be addressed.

If the parties are fighting it out, then the case could drag on, potentially costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. The more emotion and anger the parties allow to interfere in the process and the more they fight over assets, children, etc., the more expensive the case will be. If the divorce proceeds to trial, rather than being settled, it will cost a lot more money.

Since most people do not go through a divorce without legal representation, the average cost of a divorce that is not highly contentious is around $10,000 to $20,000. It is in everyone’s best interest to keep it cooperative and avoid unnecessary fighting in order to keep costs low. Otherwise, your divorce may cost six figures.