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What Happens if You Reconcile During the Divorce Process?

Posted Date:September 21, 2015 | Categories:

Reconcile During the Divorce Process

Reconciling during the divorce can be a great thing for you and your spouse. Statistics show that: “Those who decide to work through marital issues have numbers on their side when it comes to reconciliation in divorce. Research published by the Institute for American Values indicates that many couples are able to resolve their problems. Two-thirds of adults in unhappy marriages were able to reconcile and indicated happiness after five years,” according to an article in the Global Post.

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Can I Adopt if I am a Single Man/Woman?

Posted Date:September 18, 2015 | Categories:

Single man adopt

Adopting a child can be a rewarding experience and a tremendous gift to both you and the child, and single men or women are welcome to adopt! According to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services adoption guide (located here) “There are many kinds of adoptive families. The most important requirement for adoption is that the family must be able to provide a loving, stable, and secure family for a growing child. Adoptive parents:

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Adoption Procedures in Ohio

Posted Date:September 8, 2015 | Categories:

Ohio Adoption Procedures

Adopting a child can be the most rewarding and beautiful gift you give your family and the child you adopt. This is a very big decision, and here are a few of the procedures you should be prepared for in going through the legal adoption process in Ohio

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Top Ten Questions You Should Ask A Potential Divorce Attorney

Posted Date:September 7, 2015 | Categories:

Question to divorce attorney

Choosing the divorce attorney who is right for you may be one of the most important decisions you make as you take the big step to move on to the next chapter of your life. Do your homework before hiring your divorce attorney. Check each attorney’s qualifications to handle your specific issues – whether it be property or child custody issues.

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Does My Spouse Need To Agree To A Divorce

Posted Date:September 7, 2015 | Categories:

Spouse Agree To A Divorce

In Ohio, you may file for divorce based on either “fault” or “no-fault” grounds. No-fault grounds include incompatibility, or living separate or apart without cohabitation for one year. Fault grounds include bigamy, willful absence for one year, adultery, extreme cruelty, fraudulent inducement to marriage, gross neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, imprisonment in a state or federal institution at the time of the filing of the complaint, or an out-of-state divorce.

While having your spouse agree to the divorce may make coming to agreement on other aspects of the divorce less contentious, it is not essential to have agreement in order to complete the divorce.  The court’s role and goal is the equitable division of any property from the marriage and the custody of your children, if any.

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How Do Courts Determine the Amount of Child Support You’ll Receive

Posted Date:September 7, 2015 | Categories:

Amount of Child Support

In Ohio, child support is calculated by a formula written into the state law. The formula combines both parent’s gross income, less certain deductions such as other child or spousal support paid, local income tax, and mandatory work-related deductions such as union dues and uniform fees.  This total then is applied to a chart and the combined parental income determines how much is needed to raise a child annually based on the parent’s combined income.  Then the paying, or non-custodial, parent will pay his or her share of the charted amount.

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