Why Should You Think Twice about Divorce without a Lawyer?

Divorce is something that one should not face alone, especially due to the sensitive emotional nature of the process.  Often couples assume they can file for divorce without the aide of an attorney.  Those who try often face challenges they could not have foreseen including: uncertainty of the future, negotiation challenges, and unfamiliarity with the court system.  Here are a few reasons why you should think twice about divorce without an attorney.

Uncertainty of the Future

The divorce process brings with it uncertainty.  This includes uncertainty about the financial future, what to do with the marital home, and what will happen to the children. Such questions are at the heart of the process that affects so many families.  Attorneys with a focus in divorce and family law can help guide you through these uncertain times.  Attorneys will bring the requisite knowledge and expertise to help you plan for your future, both financially and legally.  Family law attorneys will often help with estate planning and with other things you may overlook when going through a divorce.

Uncertainty can put stress on many people in different ways, and this is especially important when spouses with children divorce.  Children at different ages will respond in different ways to the divorce process.  An attorney can come in and act as an advocate for the rights of the children as well, especially if you fear for the safety of your children.  If you feel your spouse has said or done things that you find may indicate a personality disorder, it is important to work with a firm with a background in psychology to find the necessary resolution.  Finding a law firm where Children Matter Most is important, especially when you feel a child may be at risk because of the behavior of your spouse.

Negotiation Challenges

Many spouses are not aware of their future financial needs and tend to attempt to evenly split the assets 50/50.  With so many marriages ending amicably, negotiations are less confrontational and more cooperative.  Being fully prepared to explain your future needs even in cooperative situations will lead to better relations after the divorce decree has been finalized.  Hiring a Columbus, Ohio divorce attorney can help prepare you for the negotiation and settlement proceedings that follow your initial decision to divorce.  Even with amicable settlements, it is important to have an advocate who can fight for your rights and future interests.

Unfamiliarity with the Court System

Procedural crime dramas only showcase part of the legal system, so as a viewer you are unaware of the multiple hours of research and planning that go into the courtroom scenes.  If you were to prepare for a divorce without the aid of an attorney, you would need to complete all the requisite research that attorneys have spend years completing.

In addition to the research involved in learning the procedures in court, you would need to track your own trial and hearing dates.  For some, attending the various scheduling conferences and appearing for the trial dates equates to time away from work and possible threat of unemployment.  In Columbus, Ohio, divorce attorneys are able to work together with the court and schedule events at times that are mutually convenient.  Attorneys act as advocates and can represent you and your interests at each stage of the divorce.

Lastly, it is important to remember that experienced attorneys will have the resources and knowledge to help prepare your case.  Attending a hearing or other settlement negotiation on your own can be daunting, so it is important to hire a professional to prepare the requisite documentation.  This is especially true if you suspect your spouse may have a personality disorder, and the judge requires evidence of such a disorder.  Many Columbus, Ohio divorce attorneys would not have the background needed to address psychological concerns, which is why hiring the right attorney is so important.

We have a solid understanding of personality disorders and the impact that they make on divorce proceedings and child custody arrangements.  It is important to protect your interests and those of your child if you suspect your spouse has a personality disorder, and if you are faced with the possibility of divorce.  We will advocate for you and your children with the requisite experience and knowledge need to prove to the court the presence of a personality disorder should one exist.