Should You Hire Your Own Private Ohio Divorce Judge ?

Divorce can be time-consuming and expensive.  With the numerous visits to the court, time away from other commitments, and expense of trial, many are turning toward private judges or arbitrators.  In some instances, it may be favorable to work with a private judge or arbitrator to avoid the public setting of the courthouse and to save time.  An Ohio statute has been on the books for nearly 40 years which allows private judges to handle civil cases like divorce and dissolution.  Work with a Columbus, Ohio divorce lawyer to learn if hiring a private judge is beneficial to your specific situation.

You have the right to utilize a private judge or arbitrator when seeking a divorce.  This is especially beneficial if you and your spouse have very few contested matters and hope to keep the divorce a private matter.  Uncontested divorces are often heard and decided in a fraction of the time that would be needed for a contested divorce in the court system.  As in any arbitration case, the private judge or arbitrator will hear both sides of the civil matter, and present a decision to the parties.  The decision will then be submitted to the court for confirmation.  Again, this process is much faster than seeking divorce through the court system. 

Even in contested matters, agreeing to a private judge will make the divorce process much faster.  A private judge will hear evidence from both parties, and issue a decision in all matters.  A Columbus, Ohio divorce attorney can review your specific situation and advise whether or not a private judge would be best.  While divorce through the court will still provide a satisfactory resolution and is still recommended by some divorce lawyers, Columbus, Ohio courts often set trial dates that could stretch out the length of your divorce proceedings.  Work with a family law attorney who understands the need for a swift resolution with desirable results.

The use of private judges is ever-increasing as couples seek ways to divorce without the mess of working through the court system.  Private judges heard around 20% of all divorces in Franklin County in 2012 alone.  That number is on the rise as more couples take advantage of the many benefits provided by hiring a private arbitrator, such as time-saving arbitration scheduling.  Rather than visit the court for appearances or mediation conferences with the judge at the courthouse, the private judge will meet with the parties at a mutually convenient time and place.

Lastly, if you prefer to preserve your privacy and keep your divorce out of the public eye, hiring a private judge may be in your best interest.  Many uncontested divorces are performed with limited waiting and in the privacy of an office rather than in the public eye.  Keeping assets and other marital disputes out of the courtroom may be beneficial for both business and privacy reasons.  If you feel working with a private judge would best fit your needs, contact a Columbus, Ohio divorce and family law attorney for more information.  Rather than try to find the private judge on your own, work with someone with the requisite experience and contacts to find the right arbitrator for your needs.

Our divorce attorneys understand the steps that must be taken to obtain the services of a private judge and when one should be used.  If you or a member of your family faces significant legal issues and need the experience of a family law attorney, you can arrange an initial consultation.