Relocation and Child Custody in Ohio

Moving for a job can be difficult and often hard on your family.  When you are looking for work during a divorce or immediately after a divorce and need to move away it can be even more of a challenge.  Did you know that if you move during the divorce process a judge might find in favor of your spouse when the question of child custody comes up?  Many courts view moves during divorce proceedings to be against the best interests of the child.  It is up to the parent seeking custody to provide a strong case to the court that the move won’t disrupt the life of the child.   Examine a few of the following factors when you consider relocation if child custody is at stake. 


Will you move to a similar school district so your child can continue to attend a school similar to the one he or she is currently attending?  This factor may seem unimportant to those without children, but those with children understand the importance of a good school district.  If you are just starting your divorce proceedings and moving to a district with poor schools, the judge may see that as move that may harm your child’s education.  If you are moving to an area with poor schools after the divorce decree has been finalized, your spouse may challenge the current child custody arrangement.

When you relocate after a divorce, you must often be aware of not only your child’s needs, but of the visitation agreement set by the court.  If you move away from your former spouse and he or she is no longer able to participate in school activities you may have complications.  When relocation becomes an issue for you or your children, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters.  Work with a family lawyer where Children Matter Most to advocate on your behalf.

Parenting Time Schedule

Setting a parenting schedule is crucial for those who elect to have joint custody of the marital children.  If you move for work, will you still be able to maintain your custody schedule in a way that is both economically feasible and logistically sound?  For example if you move from Dublin, Ohio to Grandview Heights, Ohio your child will still be able to participate in many of the same activities and likely attend the same school.  Moving within the Central Ohio area rarely presents a problem, as it is just a short commute to visit the other parent.  The same cannot be said if the relocation for work takes you out of state, or out of the country.  Work with a Columbus, Ohio child custody attorney to find the best arrangement for you and your family.

Additionally, you need to think about what will happen should your spouse feel you are not allowing him or her enough time with the child per your agreement.  A spouse who feels you are preventing their child from visiting as per your agreement can seek a modification of any child custody arrangement.  If this happens in part because you had to relocate for work or any other reason, reach out to a Columbus, Ohio child custody lawyer.  Attorneys can advocate on your behalf and help guide you through the process of modifying a child custody order.

Custody Arrangements

Divorce is difficult, as you not only must consider your financial future, but the financial future of your children as well.  Have you discussed the custody arrangements with your soon to be former spouse?  Do you know if you will stay in the area after divorce, or will economic factors drive you to find work elsewhere? All are important factors to consider during the divorce proceedings.  This is why having a child custody attorney is so crucial.  Not only will he or she act as an advocate on your behalf, but also provide useful and insightful knowledge about future needs you many not foresee.

The time to think about possible relocation isn’t just during your divorce proceedings; you need to consider that possibility after the divorce decree has been signed.  If you do not decide on a joint parenting arrangement and have sole custody of your child, you can still expect a fight from your former spouse.  Even with visitation only available for a few times a year, you must consider as the court would whether or not the move will be in the best interests of the child.  Columbus, Ohio child custody attorneys recommend consulting with someone who has experience dealing with child custody matters before planning a to move a child out of state away your spouse.

If you have already relocated and are facing challenges from your former spouse, a child custody attorney can help.  An attorney can help you communicate with your former spouse, and even advocate for your rights if you must modify any parenting orders.  Find an attorney well versed in the modification of child support orders and one who understands the needs of a child during a divorce.

Our child support attorneys  have over 30 years of experience and know the ins-and-outs of child support. If you are considering pursuing a modification of child support, you can trust our Columbus, Ohio child support attorneys to provide you with sound and well-reasoned advice to help meet your needs and those of your children.